Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The end of summer...

First of all, if you don't know about our project already, check it out at The website explains our mission and will teach you about who we are. This blog won't really make sense unless you already know about our project.

In late August it's time to wake up from the long warm nap of summer and start getting ready for the coming autumn. I recently returned to Laramie, Wyoming, after spending the last few months with the pronghorn of Teton Park. I followed along as they arrived in the park in late spring. I watched as they gave birth to fawns, chased coyotes away, and gained weight eating the lush grass and sagebrush in their summer range. Now I am switching gears from my life as a pronghorn to my life as a student. Being a student entails lots of sitting at a desk indoors, but it also means sharing ideas with my classmates and feeding off the creative energy at the University of Wyoming. I'm glad to be in classes where I have an attentive audience for my writing and an opportunity for lots of feedback.

Like the pronghorn, Joe and I are using this time between seasons to prepare for the fall migration. We're building our website and blog so that people can stay informed about our project and find out what we are up to. Joe has been packing his truck with all the supplies he will need when he moves to the Teton Park next week. He's well-stocked with camera equipment, non-perishable food, and camping gear. He's plastered a giant map of the migration corridor to the ceiling of his camper shell as a reminder of where he'll be spending these coming months.

Meanwhile, 400 miles to the northwest, the pronghorn of Teton Park are weaning their fawns and getting fat and sleek as they graze among the bison in Jackson Hole. I know Joe is excited to get up there to see what they are doing, and I can't wait for the fall migration to start so I can go out among the pronghorn again. We hope you'll check in regularly to read about the adventure and follow along.