Sunday, January 17, 2010

Presentations and the Domek Fam

It's been awhile so here are the latest Pronghorn Passage happenings. I had a great fall migration fieldwork season, here are two of my favorite pictures. Both of these pictures are from locations that Emilene found during the fall 2008 migration. So I had to wait a year and then set up cameras during this past fall 2009 migration.

These pictures are special to me because they highlight the partnership Emilene and I have on this project, there is no way I could have made either one of these pictures if it wasn't for Emilene showing me where to set up my camera traps. Also, I had a camera at each location for the entire fall migration period and got one "good" picture at each location. It took a long time to get each picture, but in the end, it all paid off.

There are multiple Pronghorn Passage presentations planned for February and this spring, check out this one at the University of Wyoming on February 10th. If you live in Wyoming, you can schedule presentations through the Wyoming Humanities Council. Emilene will be giving the majority of the presentations as I will be out of the country on a different assignment this spring.

And finally, I want to tell you about a family that has helped Emilene and I throughout the course of our project. They have become dear friends to both of us. The Domek family (Mark, Pat, Callie, Sara) live in the Upper Green River Basin in a small cabin that Mark built with local timber. Whenever I was in the southern part of the corridor I stayed at their home, they fed me home cooked tasty meals every single time I showed up. I will never forget the wonderful conversations that we had by their woodstove with tea or wine in hand, these moments will stay with me well beyond Pronghorn Passage.

Here is a picture from this past summer, Sara Pat Callie and I having dinner at the sheep camp near their cabin. Some people say that your life can be measured by the friendships you make, and I believe it.