Monday, February 1, 2010

Presentation at UW

Talked to Joe for a while on the phone yesterday. He is in New York City preparing camera equipment to go on assignment with National Geographic photographer Steve Winter, the same photographer I was assistant to for the snow leopard story in India three years ago. Tomorrow they fly for Thailand. Joe is one step closer to his life dream of becoming a National Geographic photographer. Can't wait to hear about his adventures with Steve in Asia.

Meanwhile, back in pronghorn-land, I want to invite you to come one, come all to a showing of Pronghorn Passage in Laramie!

Wednesday, February 10, 7pm
UW campus, Classroom Building 310

Spread the word. I am hoping for a big turnout.


JoeRiis said...

yeeeeaah Mo, you're gonna rock it!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I can hardly wait for this:) It's gonna be awesome! And to you Joe, good luck and have fun!