Friday, October 24, 2008

Emilene starts her walk...

I just dropped off Emilene near Blacktail Butte in Grand Teton National Park, she had all her gear and is ready to walk the path of the pronghorn.  She is doing the 125 mile walk mostly solo, but with journal and pen in hand. I will pick her up near the town of Farson WY on November 8th, I can't wait to hear all her stories and experiences!!!

It's been a busy month for me, photographing everyday for almost 5 weeks now. Right now I am sitting in my truck on the side of hwy 89 outside of Jackson WY ( I think I am getting wireless internet from some motel or inn, so thanks to whoever is letting me write this blog entry).

I walked the 125 mile path of the pronghorn with Rick Ridgeway in early October, it took 11 days, we had some good weather, and some really bad weather, which was good weather because some pronghorn migrated early and we were immersed in the pulse of life and energy that surrounds this migration. I'll show you all photos from the trip when I can, hopefully sooner than later.  On our last day of the walk, we watched between 700-900 pronghorn travel through Trapper's Point, roughly half of the entire pronghorn population that summer north of Pinedale WY.  It was by far the best day of my photography career to date. When I look at the images I got, I still cannot believe that I was behind the camera documenting the event, it was truly beautiful. Then in mid October a film crew from NG Wild Chronicles documented my work for a couple days, in addition, I flew the corridor to do some aerial photography with Chris Boyer from LightHawk.

This past week I have been busy keeping all of my remote camera systems functioning and in front of the pronghorn. I am looking forward to showing you the images I get of this migration, I know it will inspire you to do your part.

I hope you all are enjoying these fall days.  I know Emilene is, she is probably listening to howling wolves and buggling bull elk right now, waiting to move with the pronghorn in the morning.  All the best, Joe


Wendy Ostlind said...

Sunday Ocotber 26. There is a raw, cold wind blowing. Walking the face of the Big Horns just north of Red Grade in the steep cut called Hill Creek, I am cold until I step behind a juniper and then the sunlight is like a caress; I can feel its warmth through the cutting wind. I think of you, with your heavy pack striding up over the Gros Ventres, across that high country, in the weather, in the landscape, in this big old goofey world of ours - soaking up the riches. Lucky you. Your mom.

LisaKona said...

Great blog, quite an adventure, a piece of art and an outstanding mission. All the best to you!